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Beef and Pork
Think you've had the best? Think again. UtahFirst beats anything you've tried
Veggies. Direct to you
Whatever color you prefer. We have them. Locally sourced where available. Coming Soon...
Dry Goods
Rice, Beans, Nuts, Legumes and Grains
Coming Soon!
Where's the Beef?
Ranch to table. The way you want it. Local, high plains grass fed beef.
Got Greens? (and reds and oranges...)
Locally grown, locally harvested, delivered to you without the middleman. We're your farmer's market! Coming Soon
Grain and Rice
Oats, wheat, nuts, rice, locally sourced where we can, minimally processed.
Fruit In Season
The world's finest fruit. Peaches, Apples, Plums, Cherries and Berries.
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Utah First Food

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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150. Minimum Order $75.

Now Selling Farm Creek Meats!

We are currently adding functionality to our website on a weekly basis. We’re now open for business and can take payment securely through WooCommerce and Stripe

Our top menu tab functionality is coming to life as we add information and content to our site.  Our team is working diligently to create and curate the content we’re adding.  As soon as we have more logistics in place, we will be releasing additional content and as we find more growers and ranchers, we’ll expand our site to all of Utah.   

If you fill out our contact/subscription form, you’ll be the first to know  about our products and services.

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150. Minimum Order $75.

How does the USDA grade your Meat?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has eight beef grades, which are based on the amount of marbling (flecks of fat within the meat) and the age of the animal at slaughter. The top four grades, in order of highest to lowest quality, are:

  1. Prime: This grade is the highest quality and has the most marbling. It is typically sold to high-end restaurants and hotels.

  2. Choice: This grade has less marbling than Prime, but is still considered high-quality. It is commonly found in grocery stores and restaurants.

  3. Select: This grade has the least amount of marbling and is considered the lowest quality of the high-quality grades. It is typically sold in grocery stores.

  4. Standard: This grade is of lower quality than the first three, but is still considered acceptable for most consumers.

We don't care. We're Better.

Since our high pasture, grass fed beef never leaves the state, we surpass the federal standards. Our beef isn't even on their scale...

Grass Fed, Spring watered, No hormones, No antibiotics, No mRNA...

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We will be adding new products on a weekly basis.  Produce, dry goods (oats, rice, beans) will be here this summer.  Leave us your contact information and we’ll get back to you.  Our goal is to start a weekly newsletter with specials and discounts.